Great Boredom Busters When Traveling – Wipe-Clean with Usborne

So as you know we travel, I travel for work a bit more than as a family, however it’s pretty busy, and we’re always planning our next trip. This year we travelled to Jamaica, St. John’s Newfound, and Toronto. With two little kids, it’s always interesting and never the same. The one thing we struggle with a bit is how to keep them busy for those long rides/plan rides.  We use the ipad, and a few toys, but nothing keeps them busier then the Wipe-Clean books by Usborne.
When I came across these amazing activity books from Usborne, I knew I had stubbled across something REALLY special.

Wipe-cleans are amazing because they are like a dry erase book and marker set, but for kids. You can use the books over and over again, and there is everything from mazes, to tracing words and various activity books. I’m in love and so are my kids.

I’ve made a short video about the books if you wanted to see them a bit more.


You can’t buy Usborne Wipe-Clean books in store. You need to get them from an independent consults, which I just so happen to be one. I can help suggest a great wipe clean book that your child will love and that is age appropriate.

To order your own wipe clean, visit my facebook page, (and send me a message) or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


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