Trying Water Sports Has Never Been Easier with the Nautical Fest

Trying water sports has never been so easy and accessible! On July 8-9th, the Quebec Marine Association (QMA) invites you to the Nautical Fest, a unique celebration who will be held all around Quebec, on ​​the Saint-Lawrence River, lakes and riverbanks. During the weekend, more than 100 water stakeholders including several marinas, ports of call, clubs and schools, will offer you, for free, fun water activities in a festive and friendly atmosphere.


Discover the wide range of water sports offered in Quebec
Boating, canoeing, diving, flyboard, kayaking, kite surfing, Jet Ski, paddling, rabaska, sailing, stand up paddle board, water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, yoga paddle board and more.

Enjoy a lot of fun activities
Animation for families, strolls on water, boat rides, canoeing, kayaking and rabaska trips, introduction to navigation (for kids and adults), flyboard demonstration, marinas open houses, boat parades, small cruises, friendly races, interpretive tours and more.

Meet passionate people
Associations, clubs, cruise lines, schools, water safety experts, dealers, marinas, ports of call, etc.

About the Nautical Fest
At its 6th edition in Quebec, the Nautical Fest aims to demonstrate you how practicing water sports in the province is easy and accessible. It also aims to promote and showcase our maritime heritage as well as the majestic St. Lawrence River and its tributaries. In addition, the formula of the event has its origins in France, where the Fête du nautisme was established in 2000 under the leadership of the Federation of Nautical Industries.

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